Can one person change the world?

Jonathan FreedmanWhat I believe

I believe:

Words change lives.

Stories change the world.

Every person has a story to tell.

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Announcing the birth of my novel, THE LAST BRAZIL of BENJAMIN EAST. Thirty years in the making!

Praise for The Last Brazil of Benjamin East

“Tender-hearted and provocative from beginning to end, The Last Brazil of Benjamin East is an engaging read and destined to be an award winner. ★★★★★ ” (read full review)

– San Francisco Book Review


“A spirited, hopeful novel that serves as a reminder that
change is always possible.”  (read full review)

– Kirkus Reviews


“The story is engaging and Benjamin is unforgettable: a complicated, and sympathetic character who captured and kept my interest. The prose is clear, smart, funny, and knowing. The insistent search for meaning shines through.”

– Robert Koppel, author of Why Love?


“Jonathan Freedman is “a beautiful prose stylist…a very provocative writer.”

– Patricia A. O’Connell, Commonweal


“A big-hearted, compelling, zany, funny, fast-paced novel.”

Sara Houghteling, author, Pictures At An Exhibition


“A deliciously expressive road novel that lures readers into the boundless journey of time, on which the past is read in light of the possible future, and the present is imagined anew, inspiring us to consider ourselves the authors of our lives.”

Steven Mayers, Professor of English at the City College of San Francisco


Article Publication

An article about my role in 1986 immigration reform was just published:

Poet Laureate of Immigration Reform

My six-year series of editorials played an instrumental role in passage of the 1986 immigration reform and amnesty, for which I was awarded a 1987 Pulitzer Prize.  The topic is very much in my heart as President Obama and Congress prepare to reform immigration law in 2013.

Excerpts from stories I’ve told

“Cycling uphill to Gempen in the snow is like skiing up a mountain in a cloud. I’ve been pedaling for an eternity, it seems, and my thighs are screaming. Tree by tree, pedal stroke after pedal stroke, I press on. To prove what? It’s easier to escape into man-against-the-elements fantasy than to face the dirty dishes in the empty flat tomorrow.”

Confessions of a Hausmann

Selections from prize-winning editorials

“There is a hole in the fence between Mexico and America… The fence is a symbol of America’s immigration policy. In crossing it illegally, the first act of immigrants is to break American law, and their first experience of America is to be hunted. People who come through the holes are led by humiliating trails into a separate and unequal society. And the people who try to plug the holes are given a responsibility which Congress refuses to take. The jagged holes are tearing our society apart.”

“The red stain of strawberries is as indelible as the mark of slavery.”

“Congress, remove our guilt. Halt the crucifixion of illegal aliens on our border.”

Tell me your story

Tell me your story and I will help you change the world. Share your dream, and I will help you fulfill it. Maybe you are unsure of where to begin. I will listen carefully until we find the answer. Are you feeling inarticulate? I will help you convey your message. Lost in details? I will help you simplify. Explain your scientific discovery, and I will help you sell it. Give me bored and resistant students, and I will inspire them to write. I will help you find the story that tells the Big Story. I will help you strengthen and articulate your vision. I have a track record to prove it.

Stories have immense influence. Stories can spur lawmakers to action. Stories open society’s eyes to injustice and inequity. Stories entertain. Stories instill confidence in and inspire individuals. Stories warm readers’ hearts. Whether lending my writing expertise to nonprofits and corporations, coaching professionals and young adults, or leading fun and inspiring workshops, my services have proven instrumental in helping people and organizations find their voice and reach their goals.

Everyone has something important to say. I can help you tell that story in your own authentic voice so that your readers will listen. Initiate the change first in yourself and you can begin to change the world around you.

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