What I Do

I have dedicated my career to telling the stories that help improve the lives of others. I help individuals find their voice and tell their own stories.

Jonathan consultingI am unique – just like you. We each bring our skills, talents and experiences to the table. Tell me your communication needs, assets, challenges and dreams. I ask you questions. I listen attentively. We define your communication goal. We design a comprehensive, step-by-step program to achieve your goal. I am results oriented, and I believe that the best outcomes flow out of trust, creativity and willingness to experiment.

Having spent many years writing compelling literature, I am primed to coach you on how to write effectively in your own authentic voice. I can help you harness and focus your passions so that you speak from a place of authenticity. I can show you how to make your readers listen.

Rely on my expertise for reaching the right audience, communicating the right message, and achieving the right goal through your communications, from advocacy to education to empowerment.

“While I was at first very intimidated, I found that Jonathan was actually very warm and approachable. He created a welcoming atmosphere where writers could share their work uninterrupted, without fear of judgment. The criticism was always constructive and I think everyone left that workshop feeling reenergized, with a sense of direction in exactly how their individual piece of work could be improved.”

Caitlin Foyt, workshop participant

Jonathan in the classroomI am a good listener. I am a supportive coach. I have high professional standards. I believe everyone has something important to say. I can help you find the key that unlocks your treasure trove.

Whatever your needs, I am committed to helping you fulfill your promise.

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How can I help you change the world? Contact me at jonathan@jonathaninwords.com

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